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The handling of any organism’s derived products has potential to be biologically hazardous. Proper precautions must be taken to avoid exposure. Always wear proper protective equipment (Gloves, safety glasses, etc.) when handling these materials. We recommend following the universal procedures for handling products of any organism’s origin as the minimum precaution against contamination. All product offered by Regeneration Biology” Pharmaceutical, Research Labs, are for laboratory research purposes only. Any other use and results of that use are the sole responsibility of the user and are not in any way the responsibility of Regeneration Biology” Pharmaceutical, Research Labs.

Product Data and Description,

Catalog Number RBGH-006
Cell Culture Testing Pass
Source Rat Tendon
Shelf Life ? 12 months
Storage -20°C
Purity >95% SDS Page
Concentration 3 mg/ ml by Sircol Assay
pH 7.0
Conductivity 0.8 mS/cm
Sterility Pass
Endotoxin Level ? 1EU/ ml
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