Alpha Neutral Solution


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Product Name:  Alpha Neutral Solution.
Catalog: RGB001.
Product Format: Liquid.
Storage: 2-8°C.
Product Volume: 10ml.

Alpha Neutral Solution is a Tris-HCl base product. Tris base with an equivalent of HCl present for each molecule of Tris. So, it's essentially a version of Tris that has had its pH adjusted downwards before it even hits the solution.
You can absolutely alter the properties of your gel by using Tris-HCl versus Tris base,
especially if you're not adjusting the pH of Tris-HCl appropriately. Tris-HCl isn't supposed
to have its pH adjusted in solution with a strong base. Instead, it's designed to be buffered by
Tris base and you're supposed to calculate the mass of dry Tris and Tris-HCl to dissolve to
give you a buffer with your desired concentration of Tris and pH. Adjusting the pH of TrisHCl with a strong base (like sodium hydroxide, NaOH) doesn't increase the buffering
capacity of your solution. It instead neutralizes the HCl that’s present to make water and
salt and will typically result in a significant amount of additional NaCl present relative to a
buffer at the same pH and same concentration of Tris that was made by adjusting the pH of Tris base with HCl
Using our Alpha Neutral Solution will allow your collagen to gel in 15 minutes once place in a
37°C incubator. This product helps from a stable gel once the product reaches above 8°C.

1. Add 100 microliter of Alpha Neutral Solution to every 1ml of Collagen
2. Slowly mix the solution
3. Place in 37°C incubators, product should start to gel in 15 minutes or less

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