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Product Name AlphaDermMelanoma
Catalog Number EP002
Product Format 6,12, and 24 well
Storage 37°C
AlphaDermMelanoma is a 3D skin cancer model derived epidermal keratinocytes, normal,
human dermal fibroblasts and human malignant melanoma cells. This 3D skin cancer
model is manufactured in a GMP lab. This model will enable researchers to a better
understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the progression of
cutaneous melanoma. These 3D models have been cultured to form a multilayered, highly
differentiated epidermis with melanoma cells at various stages of CM malignancy. At
different stages of the culture, the tissue exhibits radial growth phase (RGP), vertical
growth phase (VGP), or metastatic melanoma phenotype. The 3D model parallels the
progression of melanoma in vivo, thus providing a valuable tool to study, understand, and
develop preventive and therapeutic treatments for one of the most serious cutaneous
This model can be used for, but not limited to those applications
1) Tumor Invasion
2) Anti- Melanoma drug screening.

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