Anti-Cathepsin L Antibody(Monoclonal, 33/2)


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Product Name: Anti-Cathepsin L Antibody (Monoclonal, 33/2)
Description Mouse IgG monoclonal antibody for Cathepsin L, cathepsin L1 (CTSL1) detection. Tested with WB, IHC-F in Human;mouse;rat. No cross reactivity with other proteins.
Host Mouse
Target Species Human, Mouse, Rat
Application IHC-F, WB
Recommended Detection Systems
We recommend Enhanced Chemiluminescent Kit with anti-Mouse IgG(EK1001) for Western blot, and HRP Conjugated anti-Mouse IgG SuperVision Assay Kit (SV0001-1) for IHC(F).
Immunogen Procathepsin L isolated from the human lung cancer cell line EPLC 32M1.
Specificity No cross reactivity with other proteins
Pack Size 100?g/vial
Catalog # Ab1014
Background for Cathepsin L1
Cathepsin L is a lysosomal cysteine proteinase with a major role in intracellular protein catabolism. It also shows the most potent collagenolytic and elastinolytic activity in vitro of any of the cathepsins. Cathepsin L has been implicated in pathologic processes including myofibril necrosis in myopathies and in myocardial ischemia, and in the renal tubular response to proteinuria. Human liver cathepsin L consists of a heavy chain of about 25 kD and a light chain of about 5 kD. The gene is mapped to 9q21-q22. Cathepsin L is required for endothelial progenitor cell-induced neovascularization.

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