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Microglia’s are immune cells resident in the central nervous system (CNS) responsible for fundamental physiological and pathological processes. Microglia support neuronal homeostasis and facilitate neuronal network formation by synaptic pruning. Surveillant microglia can activate, adapt and respond accordingly to specific stimulus. Microglia dysfunction has been implicated in neurodegeneration afflictions, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as Rett syndrome. The limited availability and inconsistency of primary human microglia has constrained research and therapeutic progress.

Regeneration Biology” Pharmaceutical, Research Labs ® Microglia are based on technology developed Human brain microglia cells are isolated from healthy human brain tissue. After purification, RB-HM” s cryopreserved and delivered frozen. RB-HM” s ready to plate in a culture vessel for experiment.

Regeneration Biology” Pharmaceutical, Research Labs. Microglia overcome the limitations of primary microglial cells by offering a consistent, high-quality microglia derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells, enabling the study of cytokine signaling, synaptic transmission, and plasticity in normal CNS function and during disease progression.

Human Relevance

Regeneration Biology” Pharmaceutical, Research Labs Microglia exhibit functional characteristics, human microglia, including phagocytosis and cytokine-mediated inflammatory responses, and express relevant microglial markers (TREM2, CX3CR1, TMEM119, P2RY12, IBA1).

Reproducible Research

Rigorous quality control and large-scale manufacturing capabilities ensure consistent performance and reproducible results from every lot of Regeneration Biology” Pharmaceutical, Research Labs Microglia.

Rapid Results

Regeneration Biology” Pharmaceutical, Research Labs Microglia are shipped cryopreserved and arrive fully differentiated allowing more experiments to be completed in less time.

Catalog # RB-HM004
Product Name Immortalized Human Brain Microglia Cells
Storage Liquid Nitrogen
Product Format Frozen vial
Quantity or Cells Number >90%     confluent            in            Frozen

1,000,000 Viable Cells/Vial

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