Immortalized Human Brain Microglia Cells


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Name of Products Immortalized Human Brain Microglia Cells
Catalogue Number UBP-0040
Product Format Frozen Vial
Cell Number >1x10[6] cells/vial
GENERAL INFORMATION: Microglia, one of the glial cell types in the CNS, is an important integral component of neuroglial cell network. They have been observed in the brain parenchyma from the early stage of development to the mature state. Microglia act as brain macrophages when programmed cell death occurs during brain development or when the CNS is injured or pathologically damaged. Microglia can be considered as the main cell in brain immune surveillance, can present antigens in the molecular context of MHC class II expression to CD-4 positive T cells, are able of Fc mediated phagocytosis, and share many common antigens with hemopoietic and tissue macrophages. Furthermore, there is accumulating evidence that microglia are involved in a variety of physiological and pathological processes in the brain by interacting with neurons and other glial cells and through the production of biologically active substances such as growth factors, cytokines, and other factors. Human brain microglia cells (HBMgs, UBP-0040) are isolated from healthy human brain tissue. HBMgs have been cultured/passaged for more than 10 passages. Special Formulated Microglial Cell Growth Medium (MgGM, UBP-37B) Should be used for culturing cells.
1. CD45 Positive
2. CD18 Positive
3. CD68 Positive
5. HBMgs are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and mycoplasma
PRODUCT USAGE: Cells are offered for Research Use Only.
SHIPPING: Frozen Vials in a Dry Ice Package.
HANDLING OF ARRIVING CELLS: When you receive the dry ice package with cells in frozen vials, transfer the frozen vials of cells into a -80C freezer for short period storage or a liquid nitrogen tank for long- term storage.
A) Prepare a Microglia Coating Solution.  Coat flask by Adding 3 ml of Microglia Coating Solution into one T-25 flask and leave the flask @ room temperature for 1 hour.
B) Rinse the Microglia Coating Solution coated flask with sterile water twice and the flask is ready to be used.
C) Warm MgGM (UBP-37B) before thawing the cells.
D) Place the vial of the hTert-HBMs cells in a 37C water bath, hold and rotate the vial gently until the contents are completely thawed.
E) Remove the vial from the water bath immediately, wipe it dry, rinse the vial with 70% ethanol and transfer it to a sterile field. Remove the UBP, being careful not to touch the interior threads with fingers. Using 1 ml Eppendorf pipette gently resuspend the contents of the vial.
F) Dispense the contents of the vial into 10ml of Universal Growth Medium (UBP-01B) and then spin down the cells @ 1000rpm for 10mins.
G) Discard the supernatant and resuspend the cells with 5 ml of pre-warmed full medium (UBP-37B) and transfer the cells into the pre-coated flask.
H) Culture the cells in a 37C incubator with 5% CO2.
I) For best result, do not disturb the culture for at least 16 hours after the culture has been initiated. Change the growth medium the next day.
NOTE: hTert-HBMgs do not adhere to the flask tightly and handle the flask with care to avoid disturbance of the cells. If more cells are in suspension, please collect the cells by spinning down the cells (@1000rpm, 10min) when performing medium changes

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