SensoPlate™ Plus 384-Well Glass Bottom Plates, Greiner Bio-One


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Product Name : SensoPlate™ Plus 384-Well Glass Bottom Plates, Greiner Bio-One

Plates consist of a 175 µm thick borosilicate glass bottom plate glued onto a black polystyrene frame.


  • Black polystyrene frame
  • Flat edge facilitates automatic filling
  • Glue is resistant to DMSO
  • High optical clarity of glass
  • Microplate geometry permits full utilization of all wells
Glue is resistant to DMSO and 70% ethanol, is compatible with cell culture media, and has a very low intrinsic fluorescence. The high optical quality of the glass bottom along with minimal bending of less than 100 µm makes these microplates ideal for use in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) and related confocal methods (FCS+plus). The optimized microplate geometry permits complete utilization of all wells, even for measurements with immersion objectives. The flat edge facilitates automatic filling through a minimal required filling distance.
Ordering information: For 96-well SensoPlate™ glass bottom plates, see 82050-898 series. For 1536-well SensoPlate™ Plus glass bottom plates, see 82051-620 series.
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