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Regeneration Biology” Fetal Bovine Serum, Premium United States Origin (Tetracycline Free FBS)  500 mL  Product Number 532075-RG

Fetal Bovine Serum often contains the antibiotic tetracycline (tet) and researchers using very sensitive Tet-inducible gene expression systems encounter problems with unintended expression as a result. Serum containing minimal levels of tetracycline is needed to ensure accurate gene expression. The tetracycline test is performed either with the ELISA method or bioassay methodology techniques. The limit of detection is approximately 5 µg/ml.

Uses: Cell culture applications using tet-inducible gene expression systems, any other application in which the presence of tetracycline would prove disruptive.

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Product Number   532075-RG
Qty./Pk   1 / Pk  
Qty./Cs   1 / Ea  
Brand   Regeneration Biology®  
Size   500 mL  
Shelf Life   60 months  
Storage   -40°C to -10°C  
Format   Liquid  

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