Human ADAMTS13 EZ-Set™ ELISA Kit (DIY Antibody Pairs) T-EZ0927


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Human ADAMTS13 EZ-Set™ ELISA Kit (DIY Antibody Pairs) T-EZ0927

Your ideal low-cost ELISA solution: EZ Set™ ELISA kit contains the necessary core reagents develop and run the ELISA, including ELISA-optimized matched antibody pairs, recombinant protein standards, and HRP conjugated Avidin-Biotin-Complex (ABC). EZ Set™ ELISAs are an economical alternative to the precoated Picokine™ ELISA kits and are ideal for experienced ELISA users on a budget and great for exploratory work--a fast and effortless way to identify the relevant protein targets of interest/relevance to your studies.

Regeneration Biology also provides the most comprehensive technical support materials and most user-friendly technical support service to guarantee that you can do the experiment smoothly and successfully. View ELISA technical resource center.  feel free to contact us at or 1.888-866-4972 Ext 804.

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