Rat TNFSF11/RANKL EZ-Set™ ELISA Kit (DIY Antibody Pairs) T-EZ1559


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Rat TNFSF11/RANKL EZ-Set™ ELISA Kit (DIY Antibody Pairs) T-EZ1559

Optimized reagents for developing ELISA—all in one box

Your ideal low-cost ELISA solution: EZ Set™ ELISA kit contains the necessary core reagents develop and run the ELISA, including ELISA-optimized matched antibody pairs, recombinant protein standards, and HRP conjugated Avidin-Biotin-Complex (ABC). EZ Set™ ELISAs are an economical alternative to the precoated Picokine™ ELISA kits and are ideal for experienced ELISA users on a budget and great for exploratory work--a fast and effortless way to identify the relevant protein targets of interest/relevance to your studies.

Regeneration Biology also provides the most comprehensive technical support materials and most user friendly technical support service to guarantee that you can do the experiment smoothly and successfully. View ELISA technical resource center.  feel free to contact us at or 1.888-866-4972 Ext 804.


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