Mouse RANK EZ-Set™ ELISA Kit (DIY Antibody Pairs) T-EZ0830


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Mouse RANK EZ-Set™ ELISA Kit

Regeneration Biology’s secondary antibodies are affinity-purified antibodies with well-characterized specificity for the primary antibodies’ Fc regions. These secondary antibodies are used to detect their specified targets. Secondary antibodies offer increased versatility enabling users to use many detection systems such as HRP, AP and fluorescence. They also provide greater sensitivity through signal amplification as multiple secondary antibodies can bind to a single primary antibody, and secondary antibodies’ FC regions provide further binding locations for biotins, enabling the use of ABC and SABC to further amplify the signal. Most commonly, secondary antibodies are generated by immunizing the host animal with a pooled population of immunoglobulins from the target species. They are then purified through immunoaffinity chromatography and modified with antibody fragmentation, label conjugation, etc., to generate highly specific reagents.
Regeneration Biology’s conjugated secondary antibodies are designed for applications in ELISA, colorimetric western blot (WB), chemileuminescent western blot (WB), dot blot, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunocytochemistry (ICC), flow cytometry (FC), immunofluorescence (IF) and electron microscopy (EM). We offer secondary antibodies conjugated to a variety of conjugates including Biotin, HRP, metal (colloidal gold) and fluorescent dyes (FITC, TRITC and Cy3).
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